Hello My Friend!

How are you? Nice that you're here. Feel like home, because from now on hmf stands for "Hello My friend". Maybe you‘re wondering what all that means. But honestly, do you know what the hmf originally stood for?

We give you 4 reasons why "Hello My friend" perfectly fits for us + you:

Mi casa es su casa!

To good friends you say that your house is their house. In other words, our agency is your agency. If you would like, we are your advertising agency for the DACH region. In our three offices in Mannheim, Berlin or Lugano, there is always a coffee ready for you. And no matter where your brand is, we are always there for you to develop the best idea for the staging of your brand and your product – with much love, creativity and hard work. By the way, we are increasingly working as an embedded agency. That means, companies we work for invite us to sit with them on-site with teams. This fits like a tailored suit.

How’s the saying in soccer?

You should be 11 friends! Although we are counting 23 creative minds now, the subject of friendship still accompanies us day after day: After all, the backbone of the agency consists of friends who know each other longer than they work together. Also otherwise we pay attention in the agency to a very good togetherness, because only together we are strong. Arguments are also on our agenda, but after each storm the sun is shining again. For you this is a decisive advantage: with us you are not dealing with die-hard fighters who go down the deck at the first rain, but with a well-rehearsed team that you can rely on to 100%.

You are the man behind the wheel.

We are your crew. Our team is made up of experienced leaders, detail-obsessed artists and aspirational newcomers – always ready to do anything for your brand. You determine the optimal line-up of the team and our playing field, we match our way of playing according to the rival – your competition. Our game is tough, but always fair and characterized by respect with only one goal: To make progress with your product or your brand together.

Everything is possible for friends!

No chatter: If the base is right, we're literally ready to bend over backwards for you. "Does not work" doesn’t work for us. If your brand has heartache, we'll also listen to you at night. If your brand does not start, we‘ll pick you up on the weekend, no matter where. With us you can steal horses, make cherry stone far spit or just spend a fun evening in the Agency Club. To put it in a nutshell: When it comes to your brand, we are fast, service-oriented and flexible.

For all compliance commissioners, who become aware of the word "friend" in connection with business: We have no black boxes, dubious gifts or parties with escort ladies, as it may be the case with other service providers. We are diligent advertising aficionados with clear values:



We are inspired by a single goal: to support brands and products every day that give us their confidence in order to be able to withstand tough competition. We are self-financed, self-confident and incorruptible. Our customer list speaks for the success of our philosophy and work.